Alchemy of SOLUNA-Remedies

Spagyric = the cycle of life and nature
Spagyric between SOL and LUNA = SOLUNA

Alchemy transforms nature (the nature of the universe, of human beings, of plants and of other substances) into its creatively predestined perfection. This transformative life process dissolves a given nature (death) and then recombines the natural substances to a “heightened” or “alchemically potentiated” life form (rebirth). This indicates that life itself is an alchemical learning process. In Greek “spáein” means to dissolve and “ágeirein” to combine. For this reason the alchemical process is often referred to as “spagyric”.

Existence is based upon dual polarity:

  • The SOL-principle, also known as yang or the archetypal masculine, is generally active and shaping in its effects. The sun, man, gold, the mental-emotional sphere and the upper-winged dragon are images of this dominating polar principle.
  • The LUNA-principle, also known as yin and the archetypal feminine, is generally patient and receptive. The moon, woman, silver, the body and the lower-winged dragon are images of this principle.

In the natural life rhythms of day and night, the seasons and years, SOL and LUNA  blend and separate continually. As a result, life and the spagyric process direct the two poles towards an inseparable and perfect unity – SOLUNA.

The alchemist follows the process of transformation, which nature unveils, so that he can ennoble the substances of nature in his laboratory in similar fashion. With this goal in mind, Alexander von Bernus linked various laboratory operations into a unique spagyric process. In the rhythm of this process, SOL (the fine-matter homeopathic principle) is continually separated (“spa”) from LUNA (the dense-matter phytotherapeutic principle) and then recombined (“gyric”) with it. In this way, the SOLUNA-Remedies are refined and alchemically potentiated in a step by step manner and so brought to the predestined perfection indicated by Alexander von Bernus: SOLUNA.

The form of homeopathy according to Alexander von Bernus is unique and has all the features of alchemy. To the present day, SOLUNA-Remedies are created in the great tradition established by Bernus and in the SOLUNA Laboratory he set up. SOLUNA-Remedies are registered homeopathic pharmaceuticals, with production instructions that are listed in the German Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (HAB).


Homeopathy in the alchemical tradition