Discovery of SOLUNA's medicinal formulations

'Vertikal' system of the SOLUNATES
Mankind as a microcosmos

The seven planets of the Ptolemaic world picture (in which the earth, not the sun, is center of the solar system) are symbols of the elementary qualities of existence recognized by alchemy. These qualities of existence appear in all forms of life. 

The matrix on the left shows the symbols of the elementary qualities in the top horizontal line. The lines below give the important levels of correspondence or analogy in alchemical homeopathy – the levels of the planets, the metals, healing plants, organs and organ systems and SOLUNA-Remedies. The vertical columns are the analogy or correspondence columns relating to the seven elementary qualities. For example, the elementary quality “Sun” find its expression in “planet”  sun, in the metal gold, in healing plants such as St. John’s wort, in the heart organ and finally as SOLUNATE No.17 (formerly known as No.17 Sanguisol). These vertical analogy columns make up the vertical world view of alchemical homeopathy.

The seven elementary qualities are also exhibited in human beings. This means that the human being (the microcosm) corresponds to the universe (the macrocosm). “As the universe, so is the human being” – based on this fundamental alchemical principle, alchemical homeopathy sees the various organs as “inner planets”: the Moon principle acts in the brain, the Mercury principle in the lungs, the Venus principle in the kidneys, the Sun principle in the heart, the Mars principle in the gall bladder, the Jupiter principle in the liver and the Saturn principle in the spleen.

This means that the same seven shaping powers that have molded the planets and metals have likewise molded the human organs. For example, the metal gold and the heart are both manifestations of the same shaping power; so gold tincture is an effective remedy for the heart. This basic principle of homeopathic alchemy was summed up Paracelsus (1493-1541) in a simple formula: “The star is healed by the star.” This was the basis of Alexander von Bernus’ development of SOLUNA-Remedies and Hahnemann (1755-1843) later used this formula for the basic principle of homeopathy: similia similibus curantur, or “Like heals like”.


The alchemical homeopathy of SOLUNA-Remedies
is actually the mother of homeopathy!