SOLUNA's garden of medicinal plants

SOLUNA's garden to cultivate medical plants
SOLUNA's garden to cultivate medical plants

“As within, so without.” Based on this fundamental alchemical principle, the outside of a plant – its form, consistency, color, scent and taste – is the signature of its essential inner quality.

Nowadays, however, the signatures of most healing plants found in the pharmaceutical trade are inadequate! Thus we have set up a garden in the Italian Alps where we cultivate about a hundred different species exclusively for the production of SOLUNA-Remedies and LUNASOL-Cosmetics.

  • The altitude of the garden (700 meters above sea level) makes the daily and annual rhythms of nature particularly intensive – an essential condition for the development of heightened plant signatures.
  • The garden is situated in the San Pellegrino region near Bergamo, famed for the quality of its water. We irrigate the garden with our own spring water, which has been potentiated according to alchemical principles.
  • The garden is far removed from places where air pollution is rife or conventional farming is practiced. The soil has never been cultivated in the past and is uncontaminated.

All the plants are sown, nurtured, harvested and dried with extreme care on silk, which has been stretched onto wooden frames. It is a labor of love, all performed by hand and taking the biorhythms of the plants into account. In this way the glorious “outer” signatures of the plants are preserved as an indication of their “inner” life forces.

As a result of SOLUNA’s unique production methods, both the “outer” effective ingredients and the “inner” life forces of the healing plants are incorporated in SOLUNA’s Remedies.

A natural medication can – by its very nature –
only be as good as the nature of its ingredients allows.

The production of SOLUNA-Remedies thus already starts
in our laboratory’s garden of healing plants.