History of SOLUNA-Remedies

The achemist follow the traces of nature
The SOLUNATES - since 1921

The alchemical masters of occidental medicine lived in harmony with nature. Accordingly, it was revealed to them what natural substances have beneficial effects on the body, soul and spirit of human beings, as well as the best times to acquire these substances and optimal processing methods. Their medicines and treatment methods took into account the interconnectedness of soul and body and so were in correspondence with human nature.

The physician and alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541) set down in writing the wealth of experience of occidental medicine, thus preserving it for posterity. Alexander von Bernus (1880-1965) studied his works and in 1921 set up the SOLUNA Laboratory, where he developed SOLUNA’s remedies. In doing so, he brought the Old Masters’ storehouse of medical experience into modern times.

As a result of Bernus’ longstanding friendship with the founder of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner, the cyclical processing of SOLUNA’s remedies was carried on until 1988 by the anthroposophical pharmaceuticals company Wala. Thereafter they were reclaimed by Bernus’ own laboratory.

Right up to the present day, SOLUNA-Remedies continue to be made at the SOLUNA Laboratory founded by Alexander von Bernus and in the tradition of medicinal formulations and production methods that he established. The homeopathic cycles that started in 1921 have continued without interruption right up to the present!

In SOLUNA-Remedies
the alchemical art of homeopathy
is still flourishing!