Spagyric of the SOLUNA-Remedies

SOLUNA's spagyric

SOLUNA-Remedies are created in a spagyric cycle based upon that of nature. This combines two laboratory operations – the SOLar process of distillation and the LUNAr process of maceration – SOLUNA.

  • In distillation, water is added to the macerated residue of the previous batch, which is then distilled with extreme care – “A good thing takes time!” Here, just as in traditional homeopathic shaking (succussion), the fine-matter homeopathic information about the plant’s vital force is dissolved, dynamized  or “potentiated” and transferred to the Distillate, together with the essential oils and scents of the distilled medicinal plants. 
  • Maceration takes place in an octagonal room designed on geomantic principles, bathed in natural light and kept at 37 degrees Celsius (the body’s natural temperature). Healing plants from the SOLUNA garden and metals and minerals prepared in our laboratory are measured out, together with alcohol and added to the Distillate. According to alchemical philosophy, in the course of the following seven day maceration process, exactly those ingredients of the healing plants will be dissolved that form the physical mirror image of the fine-matter, etheric body carried by the Distillate. In combining the mental-emotional level of the Distillate with the physical level of the macerate, SOLUNA-Remedies constitute a cosmos in themselves: “As the universe, so the human being – and so are SOLUNA-Remedies.”

After the maceration is complete, the finished tincture (from Latin tingere, to dye) is filtered off. The filtrate is then poured into 50 ml and 100 ml vials – and there you have your SOLUNA remedy. Water is added to the maceration residue, which is still imbued with the healing remedy and the mixture is distilled. This closes the circle and a new cycle of life begins...

With each additional cycle, the SOLar or homeopathic effective principle and its mirror image, the LUNAr or phythotherapeutic effective principle, are alchemically potentiated once more. So ever since 1921 SOLUNA-Remedies have been moving towards their destined perfection – SOLUNA.


SOLUNA Remedies
created through a unique cycle of alchemical potentiation!