SOLUNAT No.6  (formerly No. 6 Dyscrasin A)


Used in natural therapy since 1921

  • Dyscratic disturbances in the “flow of bodily fluids” as a humoral pathology; detoxification of the organs
  • Skin conditions
  • Dosage: 2-3 x daily 5-10 drops

Produced at the SOLUNA Laboratory
Spagyrically prepared metals and minerals according to Bernus and in the tradition of Paracelsus.

Original medicinal formulation following Alexander von Bernus – since 1921
Spagyric mixture containing:

  • Spagyric antimony Distillate B following Bernus
    from antimony sulfide (trisulfide) in 96% ethanol
  • Stibium jodatum D4
  • Ethanol 96%